Who we are....

This site has been created to afford all former (retired) CPO's who once served together aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Nimitz (CVN68) the opportunity to communicate with and keep in touch with one another.

This site is dedicated to the purpose of extending the CPO Mess where we once shared fellowship and the common purpose of keeping one of the mightiest war fighting machines ever conceived, running smoothly and efficiently.

The Mess is open to any and all retired CPO's who served in Nimitz from the PRECOM Crew to present.

Currently, the Retired Chief Petty Officers Mess is a small affair. Consisting of a dozen or so CPO's who meet once a month in Bremerton, WA. It's an informal meeting to keep each other apprised of current events within our community and to continue the fellowship we enjoyed while on active duty.

At present our numbers are comprised almost exclusively of retired CPO's who served together during and after the Nimitz World Cruise 86-87.

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Last Update: 04/11/99