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The Cast of Character's.....

Name Rank Status Contact
C.D. Berry AWCS Retired
John Campanelli ETCM Retired
Mike Champion ETC Retired
Michael Cordova PHC (AW) Active
Tom Eidsness HTC Retired
Charlie Germano EMCS Retired
Paul Hails MMC Retired
Ed Hannifan AOCM Retired
Dennis Kemp PHC Retired
Chuck Latham AQCS (AW) Retired
Lee Martin PRC(SW) Retired
Gwen Orr YNC(SW) Retired
Bill Quill FCC Retired
Dave Rodrick FTCM Retired
John Stokes AKCS (AW) Retired
Barry Weaver MSC Retired
Gerry Wilhite ICC Retired

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Last Update: 04/12/99