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A game of Mucker's Ashley
"Mucker's??????" "What Shark's??
Pauline Dave
"Intensity" Yeah! But does he bite?
John All in a row
"Wait! I wasn't ready!" "The Rigs"
Leisure time Leisure time II
"What do you want to do?" "Dunno! What do you want to do?"
John and Dave Pauline
"Is it time to eat yet?" "Why are you taking my picture again?"
Sunset Mystery lady
"Sunset on the Straits" "Go ahead! Take all the pictures you want"
Mike Dave and John
"Ah! This is the life" "Boy! Sure gets dark out here"
Around the campfire Mike and Dave
"Who is that with the camera?" "John went to find something else to burn"
Smokey Mike, Dave and John
"When smoke gets in your eyes" "Yep! We're still here"